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James Amoroso

James Amoroso

Strategic Partners

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A leading authority on the global food & beverage industry and consumer trends, Amoroso also possesses an in-depth knowledge of the luxury goods, household, personal care, non-food retailing and travel sectors. Click here for a printable 2-page CV.

Food & Consumer

Investment Communication

25 years of food and consumer industry knowledge and experience, both in sales & marketing and in investment research & analysis, provide unique insights into the key players, their culture and strategy. We are also familiar with most key geographic markets, segments and food technologies. Hands-on experience enables a keen awareness of the practical issues of consumer sales & marketing.

Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck: "James Amoroso is one of the most knowledgeable people of our industry"

Unilever CEO Paul Polman: "James is one of those rare individuals who understands the integrities of what makes businesses work from both an external and internal perspective"

15 years of investment research and analysis provide an inside knowledge of and unique insight into the minds and motivations of the entire investment community. This includes broker analysts, investor analysts, portfolio managers, fund managers and financial journalists. Combined with the 10 years of industry experience, this enables a deep understanding of both the operational and the communicational issues faced by company management.

Danone Chairman & CEO Franck Riboud: "James' well-considered, financial and industry questions at investor meetings often gave me a chance to make an important point"

Cadbury CEO H. Todd Stitzer: "His messaging is fact-based. His questions to senior management are perceptive, targeted and always challenging."



Consumer and foodservice sales & marketing with CPC Bestfoods (Unilever), Mars and McCain Foods


Brand management of Dolmio, Knorr, McCain and Uncle Ben's


Investment research at Credit Suisse, Dresdner Kleinwort, Julius Bär, Pictet (Helvea) and Vontobel


Analysis of European consumer groups: Nestlé, Unilever, Danone, Aryzta, Barry Callebaut, Emmi, Jelmoli, Lindt, Richemont, Swatch Group, Valora, Vögele


Communication with investment community and with consumer, trade and financial media (press, wires, TV) - see also Opinion


Line management within both industry and banking sector


Tutor in Strategic Finance* of MBA programme at Marketing and Business School of Zurich


MBA and BA honours graduate with command of 5 languages


Chef (pâtissier) with European 5-star hotels, incl. Sheraton, Kempinski

* (ongoing activity; part-time MBA programme run in association with University of Bedfordshire Business School)

"Amoroso is insightful, interesting, honest and realistic. A food industry reference for the financial community"

Franck Riboud | Chairman & CEO | Danone

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