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James Amoroso

Strategic Partners




Unparalleled depth and breadth...

...thanks to an international network

Amoroso offers you decades of knowledge and experience across a number of food & consumer sectors and within the world of investment banking.

Specific functions undertaken include: consumer and foodservice sales & marketing, brand management, new product development & launch, hotel catering, investment analysis & research, equity sales & marketing and line management.

For some projects, in order to provide comprehensive, intensive and seamless solutions, we call upon carefully selected, strategic partners.

Our Strategic Partners are independent, specialist organisations, run by dedicated, passionate and highly-experienced people, as ourselves, whom we trust both professionally and personally.

Within our Food & Consumer practice, these partners help us translate our business and marketing strategies into consumer concepts, which can then be developed into products and subsequently launched into a number of channels and geographic markets, complete with a full advertising and promotional package.

Within our Investment Communication team are specialists who ensure that your corporate brand is presented in the best possible light and who help you make a professional impression, both written and spoken, regardless of your native language.

In addition, we recommend other specialist consultancies who match our stringent criteria for Strategic Partners but whose consultancy services do not explicitly interact with our own.

"Amoroso is a strong marketer with an ability both to deal with the big picture and to get down into the detail"

Martyn Wilks | Executive MD | Dairy Crest

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