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Two core services

As focused as you need

As unique as your company

We offer our clients unique solutions within two areas.

Food & Consumer - We identify strategic business and marketing opportunities for companies active within food & consumer goods manufacturing and retailing, as well as for foodservice and catering businesses.

Investment Communication - Our aim is to increase the market value of publicly-listed companies, structurally and sustainably, through effective and efficient communication with the investment community.

We deliver a broad range of insights and solutions across a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Basic or comprehensive, tactical or strategic.

We work independently, with partners or together with your existing advisors. We willingly undertake one-off projects but are pleased to become an ongoing part of your team.

All things to all men? No. We simply believe in doing as much as needs doing, but not more. We fill in the gaps.

We recognise that both the problem and the solution are unique to each client.

Together with you, we discuss the issues and analyse the situation to make sure that the real problem has been identified and properly understood before making concrete proposals.

Proactivity at our core

No wasted time or money

You get what you need

Even when we are not working on a project, we are thinking about you and your company.

By constantly monitoring and researching your industry, markets and peers, we become your alter ego and sparring partner.

In fact, we do this so well that we have become an opinion leader also for the world's food and financial media. If we see, hear or have anything to say that is of interest or importance to you, you'll be the first to know.

You won't pay for our learning curve because we hit the ground running and we already understand your industry and your consumers. We will rapidly understand your company and its challenges, if we don't already.

Your financial risk is also limited by our philosophy: if we can't add value, we won't do it. And we'll even suggest what you should do instead.

Because we work closely with your team, they will quickly come down a learning curve of their own. Ultimately, we aim to make ourselves redundant not to make you dependent.

You will always be given our honest opinion, not what we think you want to hear.

We take the view that you are paying for independent opinions, not 'yes men'.

Our straight-talking style is not everyone's cup of tea. But if you are comfortable with directness we will work very well together.

"Amoroso understands the integrities of what makes businesses work from both an external and internal view"

Paul Polman | CEO | Unilever

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